Structural & Architectural Metal Bending

Welcome to A&S Bending, your premier destination for professional structural and architectural metal bending services. Our expertise spans a wide range of applications, from intricate architectural designs to robust structural components. Whether you’re envisioning a unique façade, curved beams, or bespoke metalwork, we are equipped to transform your ideas into reality. This page provides a succinct overview of our capabilities and techniques in metal bending, setting the foundation for our specialized services detailed on subsequent pages. Trust us to bring precision, innovation, and quality to every project, ensuring your visions are bent to perfection.


At A&S Bending, we handle a diverse array of metal profiles to meet every structural and architectural need. Our expertise encompasses bending beams for robust support structures, bars for versatile applications in construction and design, and channels that provide exceptional stability and strength. Additionally, we specialize in shaping tubes and pipes, essential components used in both aesthetic and functional capacities across various industries.

Bending Methods

At A&S Bending, we employ a range of specialized bending methods to ensure optimal results for every project. Our techniques include press bending, a method ideal for creating precise angles in heavy-duty materials; roll bending, perfect for forming smooth curves in metal sheets and profiles; and mandrel bending, which maintains the integrity of the tube or pipe during the bending process, preventing deformations.

Specialty Bends

At A&S Bending, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver specialty and custom bending services tailored to unique project demands. Our advanced capabilities allow us to take on projects that require precise, non-standard bends, such as architectural sculptures or custom frames. Whether you need a one-off piece or a complex, repetitive pattern, our team is equipped to handle challenges with creativity and precision.

Steel Bending Services

Expertise in Heavy Steel Bending

Structural integrity starts with precision. At A&S Bending, we excel in the precise bending of heavy steel beams, which are pivotal in supporting large buildings, bridges, and industrial frameworks. Our expertise ensures that every bend meets both the aesthetic demands and the mechanical strength requirements of large-scale constructions.

Structural Steel We Bend


I-Beams are a fundamental component in structural steel construction, providing robust support and shape stability for a variety of buildings and frameworks.


U-Channels in structural steel are characterized by their U-shaped cross-section, offering a balanced mix of strength and flexibility, making them ideal for various framing and reinforcing applications.


Tubing is prized for its strength and versatility, often utilized in construction and engineering projects for its ability to withstand high stress and provide structural integrity in a range of shapes and sizes.


H-Beams are essential in structural steel applications, offering increased load capacity and resistance due to their thicker centers and wider flanges.


C-Channels in structural steel are versatile and durable, commonly used to provide structural support in buildings and framing systems due to their efficient shape and strength.


includes a variety of types such as flat, round, and square, each tailored for specific structural support and mechanical applications. Also, commonly referred to as Bar Stock.


Angle types in structural steel, including equal and unequal angles, are crucial for providing stability and support in frameworks and connections due to their L-shaped cross-section.


Pipes in structural steel, including seamless and welded varieties, are integral for their robustness and versatility in construction, infrastructure, and industrial applications. We specialize in Pipe Bending.


We Offer a wide variety of bending services that may not be listed here. If your project has special requirements reach out and let us know.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous approach to quality control. We conduct comprehensive inspections and testing to ensure that every bent steel component not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards required for structural applications.

Steel Bending Services

Quality and Precision in Every Curve

The Process of Bending Steel

1. Design and Planning

Each bending project starts with detailed planning, where engineers determine the bending methods, settings, and appropriate machinery based on the steel type, thickness, and the bend's complexity.

2. Material Selection

Choosing the right grade and thickness of steel is crucial, as different types require different heat treatments and bending approaches to maintain their properties.

3. Heat Treatment

For methods like induction bending, the steel is heated to a specific temperature that makes it malleable but does not alter its microstructure or strength.

4. Bending Execution

Using one of the bending techniques, the steel is shaped according to the project specifications. This step might be repeated multiple times to achieve the exact curvature or angle required.

5. Cooling and Finishing

After bending, the steel is allowed to cool slowly to prevent material stresses. It may then undergo additional processes such as sandblasting, painting, or coating to enhance its durability and appearance.

6. Quality Control and Testing

The final step involves rigorous testing to ensure the bent steel meets all quality standards and specifications. This may include dimensional checks, stress tests, and visual inspections.

Steel Bending Services

Ensuring Longevity and Safety

At A&S Bending, our processes are not just about meeting the immediate needs of a project but ensuring that every bent piece can withstand time and environmental challenges without compromising safety or integrity.

Applications of Bent Structural Steel

Bent structural steel is essential in various applications, from creating the robust frameworks of modern buildings and bridges to supporting the intricate designs of stadiums and large-scale sculptures.

Architectural Frameworks

From aesthetic arches that define skylines to the essential bones of towering structures.

Infrastructure Projects

Including bridges that span vast distances and require the utmost precision in every steel curve.

Industrial Facilities

Where customized, heavy-duty frames and supports are critical for housing machinery and sustaining operations.

A&S Bending Equipment

Technologies and Techniques for Metal Bending

Press Braking

Capable of handling massive steel beams, our press brakes apply tons of pressure, meticulously forming steel into specified angles without compromising its intrinsic strength.

Plate Rolling

Used for bending thicker steel plates, this method rolls the steel into cylindrical or conical shapes, common in tanks, towers, and other cylindrical structures.

Induction Bending

This technique involves heating a specific area of the steel beam to a precise temperature before bending. It’s ideal for creating large, complex bends in structural steel, ensuring uniformity and strength across the bend.