A&S Bending: Portfolio

Welcome to A&S Bending's Exquisite Metal Fabrication Showcase

10" Tubing 12 Gauge 30" Radius
Die Bent Round Bar
6" long Radius Bending on an Angle Roller
12" Pipe Rolling - 6' 3 7/16" RADIUS
Pipe, Rolled, Bent
3" S/40 Pipe Rolling
4" S/80 Aluminum
4'' S/80 all bent to different radii
A photograph depicting square tubing artfully shaped through structural rolling
Structural Metal Forming
Pipe Rolling 3" S/80
Photograph of a T6511 ASTM Rolled Flatbar, a flat metal component with a smooth surface, uniform thickness, and enhanced mechanical properties due to heat treatment. This flatbar is ideal for diverse industrial applications
Aluminum Flat Bar Rolling
Custom Sq Tube Rolling
HINES 1200NC Bender - Capacity: 12” O.D. x .625 Wall Standard Maximum Radius: 26 inch Maximum Bend Angle: 190 degrees
8" S/10s SS SMLS 304 - Mandrel Bends
Short & Long Radius bends for guardrail
20" to 36" Pipeline Mandrel Bending
A36 STEEL PL 0.25"x1.5"x60.2"
Custom Bike Rack
A stunning display of craftsmanship - 44 meticulously stacked 2½" SCH 80 stainless steel bends, each bent to a perfect 180-degree angle, gleaming in the light.
2½'' S80 SS 180° Bends


At A&S Bending, we are delighted to present our portfolio page, a curated collection of exception metal fabrication projects that demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and craftsmanship. Within this showcase, you will discover the artistry, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail that set us apart in the industry.

As you explore our portfolio, prepare to be captivated by the functionality and diversity of our metal fabrications. Each project represents the culmination of our expertise and the collaborative spirit we bring to every client engagement. From intricate architectural structures to intricate shipbuilding and aerospace components, our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of industries and applications.

Within our exquisite metal fabrication showcase, you will witness the seamless fusion of form and function. Our team of skilled artisans and technicians combine advanced techniques with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in works of art that exceed expectations. Precision mandrel bending, flawless welding and meticulous finishing are just some of the hallmarks that define our portfolio.

We take immense pride in showcasing the exceptional projects we have had the privilege to work on. Our portfolio reflects the trust and confidence placed in us by our valued clients. Each collaboration has allowed us to push the boundaries of what is possible in metal fabrication, resulting in remarkable outcomes that inspire and endure.

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own project or simply appreciate the artistry of metalwork, our portfolio page offers a window into the world of exquisite metal fabrication. From large-scale architectural marvels to intricate custom designs, our showcase encompasses a wide array of projects that highlight our capabilities and expertise.

At A&S Bending, we believe that each project is an opportunity to create something extraordinary. Our portfolio page serves as a testament to our dedication, precision and unwavering commitment to excellence. As you browse through our showcase, we hope you will be inspired by endless possibilities of metal fabrication and envision the remarkable creations that we can bring to life.

While at this time, we are just adding to our portfolio, we hope you come back to continue to experience the exquisite metal fabrication showcase by A&S Bending and discover transformative power of precision, innovation, and craftmanship. As our clients continue to work on some pretty incredible projects and sculptures, once we get the go ahead from them to use their photos we will post them. Doing this, would show the quality, design,  innovation and craftmanship that A&S Bending has to offer.