New Orleans Copper, Inc. is A Division of A&S Bending, LLC.

WITH OVER A CENTURY OF SERVICE, NEW ORLEANS COPPER, INC. is anything but what the name implies. Today the company is involved in the fabrication and bending of all types of tubing and pipes-especially to the dozens of major petroleum, petrochemical, pipeline and shipbuilding companies who recognize us an industry leader in the bending of carbon steel and alloy pipe products.

Over A Century Of Service

History of
New Orleans Copper

Since 1930, our company was an innovator, first in the bending of copper pots and coils for the distillery, brewing and sugar refineries in the Gulf South. Through the generations of family ownership, we’ve changed our business along with the changes and demands of industry, technology and materials.
After WWII, the challenges of an emerging economy produced a boom in the oil and gas exploration industry. New Orleans Copper was asked to bend pipe for Shell Oil Company – and word got around. Ever since, we have provided services to the drilling and pipeline industry worldwide -from the Mid-East to South America to the Gulf of Mexico.

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New Orleans Copper, Inc. Specializes in large radius bends for pipeline transportation systems. Our specialty products also include one piece expansion loops, compound bends, offsets, riser bends and spools. We do all types of metal forming including angle iron, channel, I-beam and plate rolling.

Pipe Bending Services

ANSI Standards


ANSI Code 31.3:
   Chemical Plant and Petroleum Refining Piping

ANSI Code 31.4:
   Liquid Petroleum Transportation Piping Systems

ANSI Code 31.8:
   Gas Transmission Piping Systems

Structural & Pipe bending Services

Industries We Service

Introducing New Orleans Copper, Inc., a specialized division of A&S Bending dedicated to serving the unique needs of pipeline projects. Located in the heart of the Gulf Coast’s industrial sector, New Orleans Copper, Inc. focuses on precision tube and pipe bending, catering specifically to the oil, gas, and chemical industries.


Major Infrastructure to Elaborate Art Structures


Manufacturers and Builders


Oil Refineries to Chemical Plants


Material Suppliers


Plumbing to Structural


Processing to Transporting

Individual Components or Entire Systems

New Orleans Copper, Inc., being a part of A&S Bending, offers significant benefits to its clients by leveraging the broader capabilities and resources of a well-established industry leader. This integration enhances our service offerings, allowing us to handle more extensive and technically challenging projects with greater efficiency and precision. Clients of New Orleans Copper benefit from A&S Bending’s extensive expertise in metal fabrication, cutting-edge technology, and robust quality assurance processes. Additionally, the synergy between the divisions promotes innovation and faster problem-solving, ensuring that each project is executed with the utmost quality and customer satisfaction in mind. This partnership not only broadens our scope but also deepens our commitment to delivering exceptional results across all aspects of tube and pipe bending.

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With our expertise in compound bends and square tubing, we can handle diverse projects with precision and efficiency. Contact us today for all your metal fabrication needs!